Record of the Youth: Park Bo Gum is emotional, Park So Dam wants him to know she's cheering him new teaser

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Just days before Park Bo Gum starts his military training, the makers of his upcoming show Records of the Youth have dropped a new teaser. Over the past few weeks, we've been introduced to Park Bo Gum's Sa Hye Joon. He plays an aspiring actor and model. We have also met Park So Dam's Ahn Jung Ha, an aspiring makeup artist. The teasers have also given us a look at Byun Woo Seok playing Won Hae Hyo. Like Park Bo Gum, Byun Woo Seok also plays a model.

Through the teasers, we've learned that Park Bo Gum is working hard to fulfill his dream to become a model but his friends and family fail to understand him. In the new teaser, we are revisited to the previous reveal. The new teaser also refreshes our memory of Park Bo Gum's on-screen character replicating his off-screen life, as he receives his compulsory military enlistment letter. 

However, the new trailer gives us a better look at Park So Dam's Ahn Jung Ha. The teaser opens up with Ahn Jung Ha talking over the phone, asking the person on the other side if they were able to get through their day before the teaser cuts to Sa Hye Joon is seen walking the ramp. While his life looks glamorous, Sa Hye Joon's life isn't all that glitzy. 

He is seen arguing with his parents over the military training when his father yells at his mother and asks if it even makes sense that he is being paid for merely walking. “I get torn apart by society and then come back home to get torn apart some more by my own family,” Sa Hye Joon replies angrily, as translated by Soompi, before he heads to his room and sheds a tear alone. 

Ahn Jung Ha finally catches Sa Hye Joon's attention when her voiceover says she wants to meet him and inform him that she is cheering him on. 

Check out the teaser below: 

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