Pro Fade: How The NBA Drafted Barbers To Create The Perfect Bubble Barbershop [Video]

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NBA Bubble Hair Cuts

Source: (Photo by Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

When the NBA made the decision to resume their season and head down to ESPN’s complex at Disney, working through the logistics was the major problem. From simply accommodating hundreds of NBA players to feeding them and scheduling games, the planning was NASA level.

With so many things to think through, one aspect that may have been overlooked for the three-month stay was barbers. Luckily, William Rondo, brother of Rajon Rondo, had a business equipped to handle the problem at hand.

The NBA constructed a barbershop from the ground up and recruited barbers from all over the United States. The funny part of recruiting barbers is that they treated it like a draft and those chosen even uploaded their speeches to Instagram. Some would call it dramatic, but if you’re a barber, this is about as big leagues as it gets.

As most men know, the barbershop goes way beyond hair cuts and act as space for the players to relax and have some time to unwind. To make the experience even more personalized, every NBA player’s normal barber was contacted to make sure no one gets a messed up fade in the bubble.

Check out the whole story behind the bubble barbershop below:

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