Naagin 5, 30 August 2020, written update: Veer and Bani dance together leaving Jai furious

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Naagin 5, 30 August 2020, written update of full episode:

Tonight's episode of Naagin 5 begins with Jay asking Bani to hold his hand. He talks about the flashes of their past life. Bani holds his hand. Veeranshu watches them from far. He is surprised to see Jai with Bani. He wonders what they are doing at the place where his friends were murdered. Jai asks Bani if she saw any flashes. Veer wonders if Bani is a Naagin. However, he refuses to think so. Jai and Bani talk about the flashes and the latter advices him not to push himself hard. Bani talks about her real mother. Jai asks Bani about her past. Bani reveals that she is an accident survivor. She was 4-year-old and Meera's father took her home. Bani reveals that her parents died in an airplane crash. A surprised Jai reveals that he lost his mother in the same flight. And that he is the survivor of the crash too. Jay wonders if they share more history than just the plane crash incident.

Veer attacks Jai and Bani. The latter gets scared while Jai tries to shoo the cheel (Veer) away. Elsewhere, Pandit tells Naina that this story will be nothing like the one that happened ages ago. Bani runs away and Jai follows her. She tells him that she felt so scared for the first time. Jai asks her to relax while he goes to get the car. Veer belittles Jai and believes that Bani cannot be a Naagin. He fondly thinks about her.

When alone, Bani's skin gets scaly as she gets angry. She expresses her frustration on facing the Cheel saying that she would have killed him had it not been for Jai (Mohit Sehgal). She wonders why Lord Shiva is testing her. She believes that she is born to kill every bad kite (cheel) in the world.

The next day, Bani is ready to go to the office. She sits in a car when the driver says that Jai has sent the car. It is then revealed that the driver is Veer. He asks about her relationship with Jai. Bani asks him to behave. She learns that Veer may have stolen the car or bought it. Veer flirts with her. When Bani tries to leave the car, Veer shows her the mirror and praises her beauty. She warns him to stay away and leaves. Meanwhile, Jai helps his employees in decorating the hotel. Bani wishes him and calls him sir. Jai asks his employees to tell Bani about two rules he shared with them. They say that rule one is no lying and rule two is no sirs and madam as everyone is equal. Elsewhere, Veer belittles painters who are working at his residence, highlighting the difference between Jai and Veer.

Bani cuts her finger and Jai rushes to get an ice pack. Bani magically heals the wound using her powers. They share some romantic moments. Naina calls Jai asks him to give Bani's number. Jai gives Bani his phone. Naina tells Bani that she wants to share a secret with him and warns her. Veer (Sharad Malhotra) comes to Jai's hotel. Bani and Jai ask him to leave but he surprises them by revealing that his company has bought the first floor. Bani kicks Veer out of the hotel and shuts the door on his face. Naina is worried about Bani.

Veer's brothers instigate him against Bani but he ignores them. Bani and Jai apologise to each other for facing Veer. He makes an entry at 9 and makes changes to all the decorations. Bani lock horns with Veer. The latter flirts with her. Bani gives him a fitting reply. Veer gives her a Sholay reference and calls Bani, Basanti. Balwant Singhania and his kin come to the restaurant. Veer keeps flirting with Bani. Jai asks Bani to relax. Veer hits the dance floor. Balwant believes that Veer has forgotten the girl he was obsessing over. A drunk asks Bani to for a refill, Jai sends him away. He asks her to go relax. Veer tries to pull Bani on the dance floor but she shakes him off. Jai warns Veer. Bani in order to learn what Veer is planning dances with him. Jai feels worried for her.

Balwant and his brother talk about Aadi Naagin (Hina Khan) and her Naag (Mohit Malhotra). Balwant reveals that he made a plane crash to kill the Naagins. Balwant confesses that he has been torturing shapeshifting Naagins to learn about Aadi Naagin and her Naag which is why he made the plane crash happen. He believes that Aadi Naagin is still alive because Veer is still alive. Balwant reveals that their Guru had made a prophecy that the Aadi Naagin and her Naag will kill the prince of Cheels. The old Shiva temple's reopening affirms his fear. Balwant vows to kill Aadi Naagin. He asks his brother to get on with the smuggling of the Naagins.

Veer belittles Jai using Sholay reference. Veer and Bani dance together. While dancing flashes of Aadi Naagin with Cheel Aakesh can be seen. Jai is furious. Naina calls Jai and asks her to give the phone to Bani. Jai asks her to come to his restaurant. Jai fumes as Bani and Veer come closer. Bani is lost in the dance but she is determined to bring him (Noor's killer) to justice.

Precap: Balwant to kill Naina?

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