Simon Jordan calls Leeds man ‘arrogant’ after meeting him in person CaughtOffside

Simon Jordan calls Leeds man ‘arrogant’ after meeting him in person CaughtOffside


Former Crystal Palace owner and now sports broadcaster, Simon Jordan, is known for his forthright and honest comments, and after meeting one Leeds United man, he delivered another of his broadsides.

Jordan clearly doesn’t suffer fools gladly and always appears keen to get to the heart of a particular matter when debating with guests or interviewing them. Not for him the usual football tropes being trotted out time after time.

It can be disconcerting for the subject concerned but at least everyone knows where they stand, and Jordan doesn’t appear bothered one little bit whether his opinion might cause consternation or upset.

In actual fact, his outspokenness is actually his biggest selling point because there aren’t too many people that would willingly stick their head above the parapet on any number of controversial subjects and ‘tell it like it is.’

Jordan isn’t everyone’s cup of tea it’s true, but his opinions often hit the nail on the head.

Leeds United fans may or may not agree with his assessment of their owner, Andrea Radrizzani, for example.

Andrea Radrizzani

‘Having spent time with Radrizzani at the World Cup in Qatar, I have to say he is not the most endearing of fellas,’ he wrote in his Daily Mail column about the 48-year-old.

‘I have great admiration for his acumen in the media world, but he struck me as arrogant, off-hand and slightly away with himself. He was like a marginally more sophisticated version of former QPR owner Flavio Briatore. He had the old ‘look at me, I’ve just arrived in the room’ mentality.

‘That sort of attitude might be why deals have been so difficult to conclude for Leeds and why mixed messages have been sent out at this dysfunctional, incohesive club, because leadership has to start at the top.

‘In the end, if you lack coherent thinking in your boardroom you will lack it in your dugout and on the pitch, ending in the kind of mess that Leeds now find themselves in.’

Radrizzani may have made some mistakes along the way but was still responsible for bringing in Marcelo Bielsa and ensuring the good times came back to Elland Road.

Although things have turned pear-shaped under his watch, the thought of potential new owners coming in to overhaul things yet again might not be the best decision the club could make.

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